Cosmetic and General Dentist - Atlanta
45 Lenox Pointe
Atlanta, GA 30324

Dr. B. Tom Bender

The first thing you'll notice upon meeting Dr. Bender is just how excited and passionate he is about his work. His diverse background from Georgia Tech, Georgetown University School of Dentistry and the LVI Institute of Advanced Dental Studies allows him to blend engineering, compassion and artistry.


"We're truly living in the golden age of dentistry right now. We have the technology to do pretty much everything we've always wanted. Essentially stopping (even reversing) the aging process in your mouth? No problem. Creating beautiful, healthy smiles from the most challenging cases? Great fun! Converting fearful patients into confident ones? It's what we do."


"What's my favorite part of my job? Meeting a patient, with perhaps some dental health issues and often fear on that first visit, and over a period of time together, we overcome some challenges. Ultimately, through a series of successes we discover the beautiful smile that was hiding behind all that trepidation. It's truly amazing what happens to your life when you can smile easily and without hesitation. People respond to that. Their personalities open up. And that's pretty cool. I have a great job!"


"Also, I have the priviledge of working with the most skilled, compasionate and cohesive professionals in Atlanta. My team was hand picked for its care, talent and personality ... they simply are the best!"